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Mobile-X Device Configuration

iOS Device (single SIM) – 13.2.3

Follow these steps for setting up an iOS device on the Mobile-X network:

  1. Power off the unlocked iOS device
  2. Insert the Mobile-X SIM into the SIM tray.
  3. Power ON the device
  4. Using the Settings app, navigate to the Cellular menu.
    Settings —> Cellular
  5. Enable 4G for voice and data.
  6. Enable Data Roaming.
  7. Select the Cellular Data Network menu to configure the APN:
    1. Set APN to “globaldata”. The Username and Password field should be left blank.
    2. Repeat Step b for the LTE Setup section.
    3. (US/Canadian customers ONLY) In the MMS section, use the following settings:
      APN =
      MMSC =
          (Must include the last forward slash)
      MMS Proxy =
      MMS Max Message Size =
    4. All other sections and fields should be cleared.
  8. Disable iMessage
  9. Restart the iPhone





Android Device (single SIM)

Follow these steps for setting up a single SIM Android device on the Mobile-X network.

NOTE: Due to the wide range of Android distributions and releases, the location of these settings may vary.  As such, it is recommended to use the Search function at the top of the main configuration page for quickly locating referenced settings.


  1. Power off the unlocked Android device
  2. Insert the Mobile-X SIM into the SIM tray
  3. Power ON the device
  4. Go to the main configuration screen. This process may vary depending on your device. Typically, this can be found by swiping down from the top of the device to expose the notifications screen.  At the top right there should be a button for accessing the device configuration menu.
  5. Ensure that Mobile Data is enabled
  6. Ensure that Data Roaming is enabled
  7. Ensure that the Preferred network type or Network Mode is set to “4G” or “LTE/3G/2G”.
  8. Create a new Access Point entry in the Access Point Names list.
    1. Within the Access Point Names list, press the Add button at the top right of the screen.
    2. Set the Name field to “globaldata
    3. Set the APN field to “globaldata
    4. Set the APN Type to “default,mms,DUN    (this is case sensitive)
    5. MMS setting (US/Canada only)
      1. Set the MMSC field to “ 
        (Must include the last forward slash)
      2. Set the MMS Proxy field to “
      3. Set the MMS Port field to “8008
  9. At the top right of the screen, access the menu by pressing the 3 vertical dots and then selecting Save.
    Note that the menu button may appear differently than 3 vertical dots.
  10. Although not required, it is always good practice to reboot the device to ensure proper initialization of the new APN settings.
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