For Mobile Customers with Their Own Asterisk/FreePBX Servers

Create the following information below in your Asterisk/FreePBX Server:

Create SIP Trunks (for GTI DID Inbound only): (or place the server address that was assigned to you here)


IAX2 Trunk (for GTI DID Inbound only):


The following termination settings below must be approved by GTI prior to setting up in your server.

SIP Trunk (for termination ONLY if you are using GTI for outbound termination):

username=  (use the information we gave you in support ticket or email)
secret=        (use the information we gave you in support ticket or email)

For new SMS enabled Phone Numbers (DID), please allow up to 10 minutes for propagation.
If this is a brand-new or ported number, then it can take up to 24 business hours to propagate.
How do I tell which GTI Phone Numbers (DID) are assigned to which Trunk and SIM?
From GTI Portal, Select "Phone Number" then select “List My Number(s)” button to view your DIDs and their corresponding destination trunks and SIM Card number. You may also edit the destination from this screen.

APN SIM Settings:  Android Device (single SIM)
Follow these steps for setting up a single SIM Android device on the GTI Mobile-X network.
NOTE: Due to the wide range of Android distributions and releases, the location of these settings may vary. As such, it is recommended to use the Search function at the top of the main configuration page for quickly locating referenced settings.
Power off the unlocked Android device
1. Insert the GTI Mobile-X SIM into the SIM tray
2. Power ON the device
3. Go to the main configuration screen. This process may vary depending on your device. Typically, this can be found by swiping down from the top of the device to expose the notifications screen. At the top right there should be a button for accessing the device configuration menu.
4. Ensure that Mobile Data is enabled
5. Ensure that Data Roaming is enabled
6. Ensure that the Preferred network type or Network Mode is set to "4G" or "LTE/3G/2G".
7. Create a new Access Point entry in the Access Point Names list.
a. Within the Access Point Names list, press the Add button at the top right of the screen.
b. Set the Name field to "globaldata"
c. Set the APN field to "globaldata"
d. Set the APN Type to "default,mms,DUN" (this is case sensitive)
e. MMS setting (US/Canada only)
i. Set the MMSC field to "" (Must include the last forward slash)
ii. Set the MMS Proxy field to ""
iii. Set the MMS Port field to "8008"
8. At the top right of the screen, access the menu by pressing the 3 vertical dots and then selecting Save. Note that the menu button may appear differently than 3 vertical dots.
9. Although not required, it is always good practice to reboot the device to ensure proper initialization of the new APN settings.

APN SIM Settings:  iOS Device (single SIM) – 13.2.3
Follow these steps for setting up an iOS device on the GTI Mobile-X network:
1. Power off the unlocked iOS device
2. Insert the GTI Mobile-X SIM into the SIM tray.
3. Power ON the device
4. Using the Settings app, navigate to the Cellular menu. Settings —> Cellular
5. Enable 4G for voice and data.
6. Enable Data Roaming.
7. Select the Cellular Data Network menu to configure the APN:
a. Set APN to "globaldata". The Username and Password field should be left blank.
b. Repeat Step b for the LTE Setup section.
c. (US/Canadian customers ONLY) In the MMS section, use the following settings: APN = globaldata MMSC = (Must include the last forward slash) MMS Proxy = MMS Max Message Size = 614400
d. All other sections and fields should be cleared.
8. Disable iMessage
9. Restart the iPhone

IP Phone
An IP Telephone is a phone considered to work with an IP PBX but the IP PBX as we know it today has evolved, almost generally, into a SIP-based PBX. IP phones connect to your phone service via the internet, using an Ethernet cable or WiFi connection. IP phones include desk phones, cordless phones, and conference phones that resemble your everyday office phone, but use a different technology for powering calls since it transmits voice data digitally.
Another great quality of these types of phones is that you can use them in any location where you have internet connection since it does not rely on the physical location of the office. Thus, you can unplug an IP phone, take it to another location, and plug it in again where your line and its settings will be unchanged. GTI tests its software with all major brands to ensure compatibility.

What Is a SIM Card?

A SIM card lives inside your cell phone and is essentially your phone's ID. It stores contacts and other data, and your phone won't work without it. A SIM card works by connecting with your mobile phone and your carrier's cell towers, so the two can communicate. When you upgrade your phone, you bring your SIM card with you to keep your phone number, data plans and more; but since most SIM cards are designed to work only with certain brands and carriers, they won't fit just any phone. Whether you're shopping for a new smartphone or refurbished cell phones, check out Best Buy for great deals every day.
 What Are the Types of SIM Cards?
GTI Global SIM Cards usually come in one of three popular sizes: Regular SIM cards, micro SIM cards and nano SIM cards. A nano SIM card offers the same features as larger cards do, but in a more compact package. Many phones are equipped with cutouts for all three sizes, so you can decide which version you want. If your phone only fits one type of SIM card, you can try using an adapter, which allows nano SIM cards to fit into micro SIM or regular SIM slots.

How Do I Use an Unlocked Phone?
If you love to travel and want an international SIM card, or you simply don't want to commit to a carrier, an unlocked phone might be right for you. Unlocked phones are packed with all the features you want, plus you can move from carrier to carrier whenever you like, making it easier to transition internationally. Unlocked phones using GTI Global SIM card that can connect to multiple Global System for Mobile (GSM) networks, like T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon in the United States. GTI Global offers one service and covers you on all Networks!