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DID Number Setup


For PBX/BUSINESS/HOME Users using our Telephone Services switchvox-mobility

Setup/Buy Phone Number (DID)

To purchase a phone number, login to the User Portal (CP) assigned to your account, select under the “User Settings” menu select “My Phone Numbers” then select “Buy New DID” make sure to select enable (SIP/VoIP Call = yes) if this is a VoIP call. To forward your phone number (DID) to another number (like a cell phone) use the following format in the destination for example 15551231234 (the number must be 11 digits).

To send the DID calls to a ATA/SIP device, Server or Fax Removal Database use the following format (SIP/[email protected]your_server_ip_address_or_server_domain_name) the 15551231234 would be your phone number (DID) on our system. (make sure your PBX Server accept calls from If your device is connected to GTI Server replace the “SIP/” with “local/” (i.e.) (local/31234) the 31234 would be your SIP account or extension number on our system. For Fax Removal DID use the following local/[email protected]_NUMBER_REMOVAL  

Setup a Phone Number (DIDon your server create a trunk and add the following information below

Setup a Failover for Incoming DID callsphone-pad-1good

When your system is unavailable or you are experiencing Internet or power outage, we offer a option to redirect the incoming calls to any location where you can take the call, for example we could send your call to a cell phone or land line.

Select from the “MY Phone Numbers” menu,  then select “Add Failover to DID” then select from the list of your (DID) phone number and enter the failover phone number in the “Enter Destination” field, the number must be 11 digits and change the PRIORITY from the drop down box (i.e.) “Priority : 2” it must be higher than “Priority : 1″ (1 is always your first/primary destination)

How do I tell which DIDs are assigned to which Trunk? Select “User Settings” and select “My Phone Numbers” button to view your DIDs and their corresponding destination trunks.  You may also edit the destination from this screen.

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