Setup a Failover for Incoming DID calls

  From your Portal, Click on "Phone Number" and select "List My Number" then select (in red) "Add a Failover Number to DID" then select the Phone number from the list of Numbers on left that you would like to add the failover number to, then in the box marked "Voip Call" answer "NO" to the question and enter your 11 digit phone number of your cellphone e.g. 15551234321 do not enter any spaces or dashes, then click the "Add Number". To forward your number to a International number just add 011 plus the country code and number.


NOTE: In the "Enter Destination" field, the number must be 11 digits and you should change the PRIORITY from the drop down box (i.e.) "Priority : 2" it must be higher than "Priority : 1"

(1 is always your first/primary destination). By default we will use your cellphone or a number you provide as your "backup number" during the signup process.

GTI Softphone can work with and without VoIP provider / SIP server. Second case uses more widely.
always starts minimized in tray. Right click on tray icon lets you access account and application settings.
GTI Softphone does not require any preinstalled codecs, all codecs already included.

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