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To Buy a New Phone Number (DID)

From your Portal, select "Phone Number" tab, then select "Buy New Number".

To route the number to your Server/PBX/SIP Trunk, select "YES(SIP/VoIP Call) and follow the instructions under "Trunks Settings Only".


To route the number to a telephone number, select "NO" (SIP/VoIP Call) and enter the number in the "Enter Destination" box using the following format e.g. 15551234321 (do not enter any spaces or dashes). International number just add 011 plus the country code and number.


How To Setup Failover for Incoming Phone (DID) Number:

From your Portal, Click on "Phone Number" and select "List My Number" then select (in red) "Add a Failover Number to DID" then select the Phone number from the list of Numbers on left that you would like to add the failover number to, then in the box marked "Voip Call" answer "NO" to the question and enter your 11 digit phone number of your cellphone e.g. 15551234321 do not enter any spaces or dashes, then click the "Add Number". To forward your number to a International number just add 011 plus the country code and number.


NOTE: In the "Enter Destination" field, the number must be 11 digits and you should change the PRIORITY from the drop down box (i.e.) "Priority : 2" it must be higher than "Priority : 1" (1 is always your first/primary destination). By default we will use your cellphone or a number you provide as your "backup number" during the signup process.


How To Setup Call Forwarding for Incoming Calls on Your Device (Home Accounts only):

From your Portal, Select the "My Settings" tab then click on "Manage Device" and login with your username and password. In the "Call Forwarding" window select the appropriate tab and enter your

11 digit phone number  in the following format e.g. 15551234321 (do not enter any spaces or dashes). To forward your number to an International number just add 011 plus the country code and number.


Trunk Settings Only


To Setup New Phone Number (DID) on a Server/PBX/SIP Trunk use the following format:

 (SIP/[email protected]_server_ip_address_or_server_domain_name) the 15551231234 would be your phone number (DID) on our system. (make sure your PBX/SIP TRUNK Server accept calls from GTI uses other port numbers so contact your Account Manager for more information. (Our default Port Number is 50906 and 5062 for SIP and 50990 for IAX2)


NOTE: if you are a Wholesale/Reseller Customer, use the "SIP/" and Port Number 5062 (or the domain name or IP address that was assigned to you)


How to Setup SIP Trunk or Phone Number (DID) on your server:

Create a SIP trunk and add the following information below: (or place the server address that was assigned to you here)
Port=50906  (or select the port that was given to you)



For SMS enabled Phone Numbers (DID), please allow up to 15 minutes for propagation.

If this is a brand-new or ported number, then it can take up to 24 business hours to propagate.


How do I tell which Phone Numbers (DID) are assigned to which Trunk?

Select "Phone Number" and select List My Number(s) button to view your DIDs and their corresponding destination trunks. You may also edit the destination from this screen.


Web Callback

Select "My Settings" then "Web Callback". In the first box enter your telephone number

(the number that we should call you back on for you to receive the call) then enter the International or USA number you wish to call in the second box. Once your phone rings, answer it and we will connect your call. For International calls remember to use 011 plus the country code and number; for USA and Canada use 1 plus the area code and number (i.e.) 15552341234.


30 Day Money Back GuaranteeEvent Calendar

Select "My Settings" select "Event Calendar" the Appointment Reminder is a unique way to automate appointment confirmations, cancellations and reschedules. By simply entering a phone number to call notes and select date and time then the system will automatically call at that specified date time and remind you of your reschedule appointment or reminder.


Conference Call FeaturesConference Calling/Meeting Rooms

Your teleconferencing line is available to you 24/7 and there is no need to schedule or make reservations.

Each conference call account accommodates up to 96 callers. You may purchase a phone number (DID) and point it to the following destination local/9000009 then open a support ticket and request your conference access pin number.


Device Provisioning

To provision your device you must provide the MAC Address information by opening a support ticket. Our provisioning Server address is


What dialing format should I use to send calls? Please send calls in e164 format

country code + area code + number


What audio codec does GTI support? We support G.711u, G.729 and GSM codec.


Recording your Voice Messages for your Fax Removal Software:

Dial your assigned phone number and the system will asked for your mailbox number enter your account number and password then follow the prompt and record your "unavailable message".

Once that is done, please open a support ticket at and a we will process your audio message.



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